PAC edge trim cutter

Extremely solid design

PAC edge trim cutters are used thousands of times worldwide. PAC cutters are suitable for material widths up to 250 mm. Edge trims and punched grids made of film, paper, cardboard, nonwovens, aluminum and steel are shredded. A machine type is available for each application. The 78 and 811 series shine with extremely precise cutting geometries, so that your edge strip is also cut and not torn, and that up to speeds of 950 m/min. All edge trim cutters from PAC feature cutting accuracies of up to 13 μm to cut even very thin materials.
  • stable cast iron housing, rotor-shear cut, profiled - distortion-free light metal lid, cast iron typical radius design reduces noise emissions to an absolute minimum, flexible rubber feet decouple from external vibrations and guarantee cutting accuracy
  • beveled rotor blades to ensure low-vibration and precise cutting and low noise generation
  • low air resistance and pressure loss due to open cutting rotor design. No dust and air leakage due to lateral sealing of the cutting chamber
  • die-cast aluminum cover for easy service and access to the cutting chamber
  • large rotor end disks ensure high rotor mass inertia, thus high cutting precision even at very low speeds
  • double bed knife adjustable by adjusting screws for extremely low and precise cutting gap adjustment.
  • preloaded and high precision ABEC-7 ball bearings, maintenance and adjustment free. storage of the cutting rotor outside of the cutting chamber to prevent contamination
  • EU standard flange motor allows very compact design
  • Inline cutter designed for closed pipe systems with maximum pipe diameter of 160 mm
Dimensionen Leistungsdaten Messerausrüstung Sicherheit Ausführung Optionen
Höhe: 270 mm, Breite: 400 mm, Tiefe: 330 mm EU-Motoren von 750 upm / 0,55 kW bis 2.800 upm / 2,2 kW - Sonderausführung nach Rücksprache möglich wahlweise AISI D-2 oder Hartmetallausführung Montage in geschlossem Rohrleitungssystem BD nach Modellcode ermöglicht 78-FP-2 = Schneidgenauigkeit 25 µm, 2 Rotormesser / 78-FSP-2 = Schneidgenauigkeit 13 µm, 2 Rotormesser / 78-GP-2 = Granulator mit Sieb, 2 Rotormesser / 78-FP-6 = Schneidgenauigkeit 25 µm, 6 Rotormesser / 78-FSP-6 = Schneidgenauigkeit 13 µm, 6 Rotormesser / 78-GP-6 = Granulator mit Sieb, 6 Rotormesser
All detailed product information can also be found in our product data sheet for download.
Datenblatt, Randstreifen-Cutter 78er Serie

Maintenance and repair

When was the last time you serviced your cutters?

Don't procrastinate! For example, if increased production or a simple lack of time has kept you from sharpening and recalibrating your knives, it could end up costing you a lot more in wasted time, cleaning, and repairs.

If your knives become dull, they won't cut as often or as regularly as they should, leaving excessively long pieces of material in your cutter or granulator. Even if you don't need your cut material to be a certain length or shape, this excess material can stop production and damage your equipment. Blunt knives lead to unnecessary downtime.

Counteract this and contact us. We professionally perform a complete maintenance service with qualified acumen, including sharpening and adjusting your knives.

Plan your next cutter maintenance with us now:

Some background information about our partner PAC -
Cutter that proves

The US company Precision AirConvey Corp. (PAC) was founded in 1973 and has its headquarters in Las Vegas. PAC is one of the world market leaders in the field of cutters and granulators. Its customer references include renowned major companies in the paper, printing, textile, plastics and other industries. Among them are names such as Kimberly-Clark, Procter & Gamble, Sealed Air Corp. and Avery.

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